Get Comfortable Homestay

Unlike other cities, where homestay accommodation options are available only in the interiors, Melbourne offers accommodation for its tourists, very close to the airport, bus and train terminal. The main advantage of this is that the tourists don’t have to wade through the whole city, looking for a place to stay. They can just rent a house after landing straight to the Melbourne station.

If you book a room in one of the hotels in Melbourne, you’ll get many extra benefits out of it. Well, there are two classes of hotels available here at Melbourne. One section is business class and other is tourist class. The business class section offers luxurious facilities and is meant for all those people who have come here for business purposes. The tourist class is for people, who have come here for pleasure and generally have limited budget. This class is economical and wants a nice accommodation at an affordable price. One can take accommodation in any of these classes, depending upon his taste and budget. Some of the rooms that are offered also have shared facilities. These rooms can be shared between two people. This not only reduces the stress of paying all the rent by one person, but also gives a companion to the tourists.

Hotels in Paxos Island is Different

As you know that the country of Greece is known for its beautiful islands, and surprisingly Paxos is one of them. Although the island is the smallest among all the islands located in the Greece, despite this it is visited by the huge crowd of visitors across the world, especially who are in search of some tranquil and romantic location for their holidays. The island is located in the arms of Ionian or Heptanese island and is at the distance of nine miles from the Corfu, which is its nearest city. The Greek mainland is located at the distance of ten miles from the Paxos. To reach the Paxos, you will have to hire a boat from the Corfu, because the island doesn’t have its own airport, and the only airport to reach there is located at Corful only.

But, surprisingly, the absence of an airport could not stop the nature and peace lovers from coming there. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the absence of an airport has proved to be a boon for the Paxos as it has kept it unspoiled from any type of pollution that would have taken place due to the arrival of aircraft. The island is mainly covered with the olive groves, which is also is the main source of income for the natives, apart from fishing and small commercial activities.

The eastern coast of the island has pebbles, whereas the western coast has only rocks and limestone cliffs.

If you are concerned about your staying facilities at the island, then you should not think much about it. Because, like other developed cities, Paxos is also blessed with all those facilities and amenities that you have been finding in other cities, and therefore finding hotels in Paxos island is not an exception to it. However, these hotels are different from the regular hotels that you have been staying while visiting to someplace during the holidays.

The hotels of Greece are similar to your personal home, that offer you the facility to enjoy the same freedom that you have been enjoying at your home. As a general practice when you stay in some hotel you have to book your room before reaching there, although for staying in these hotels you need to book them prior to your arrival. But, here you will not have to follow the restrictions of living in a single or double room or eating the food provided by the hotel. On the contrary here you will large rooms with king size beds, a living room with sofa set and other furniture, facility of cooking your own food in the kitchen. One more thing which differs the hotels of Paxos from other hotels in the presence of balcony, swimming pool and terrace, which is not offered by the regular hotels.

All these three facilities offer you the privilege of viewing the iconic view of an island and the surrounding area from the balcony and terrace, whereas separate swimming pool offers you the facility of enjoying the swimming according to your mood. Whereas, when you stay in some hotel you will not find a balcony or terrace to view the surrounding areas, and swimming is also allowed during the specific hours of the day.

Although the island of Paxos is small as compared to other islands, still it has everything to offer the visitors coming there. Here you can enjoy the pleasure of playing different types of water sports, sailing to nearby towns, walk on the beaches, enjoy the mesmerizing view of fireflies in the evening, learn about the lifestyle of the natives, culture of Greece, and of course a romantic and peaceful vacation.

Homestays in Brazil

Teaching ESL in Brazil

If you were raised with English as a first or second language, you were given a great gift. You can share this gift with others by teaching ESL, English as a second language. English is taught in all public and private schools in Brazil, as well as thousands of private language schools. You can make a modest income teaching 20 hours a week and cut your living expenses by 75{b0056a0f311fb932a9e79c214ef59d256b13f8faaaa0234a03abd250b097ea11} through exchanging English lessons for a free homestay.

Free Homestay for Teaching ESL

Many upper class Brazilian households have ample space to provide a private room and free board for an English speaker. Depending on your particular arraignments, you can expect to teach for one hour a day, several days a week. Teaching activities can be as easy as watching a movie or television program in English, listening to music and reading lyrics, or simply conversing in English. For creative teachers the possibilities are endless.

Homestays are an excellent way to get to know a new country. In Brazil the culture is extremely open and friendly and you will find that you quickly become part of the family. You can decide how much or how little you would like to be involved in family activities – such as cooking, parties, church, and family get-togethers. The more you get involved, the more you will learn about Brazil and become comfortable communicating in Portuguese. Before moving in with a family make sure to conduct a background check. It is easy and free to conduct a professional background and reference check.

Christmas Homestay

Hiroki was the Japanese boyfriend of one of my daughters – a terrific young man. My daughter invited him to stay with the family for a couple of weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. After Christmas, and as the New Year approached, I mentioned to Hiroki that it was traditional in our family to make sure all the Christmas decorations were put away before New Year’s Day. Hiroki volunteered to take down the Christmas tree and put away the decorations. I gratefully accepted his offer.

In typical Japanese fashion, Hiroki made a thorough job of it. He sorted through the discarded Christmas wrappings and found exactly the right size of box for each type of decoration. He carefully wound the lengths of tinsel around stiff sheets of cardboard. Every so often I would put my head around the lounge door and offer advice.

“Don’t worry about those strands of lights, Hiroki,” I’d say. “Just pile them into the box. We’ll sort them out again next Christmas.”

But Hiroki sat cross-legged on the floor and painstakingly unraveled every kink and every tangle from the lights. Then he folded them carefully back into their original packing.

When everything was packed away, he hauled the heavy Christmas tree downstairs, sawed it into pieces and put the pieces in the recycling bin. He carried the cartons of decorations downstairs to the garage, found a ladder and stored the boxes away on a top shelf where they would be out of the way until the following year. Then he brought out the vacuum cleaner and cleaned up all the pine-needles and bits of tinsel. I was really grateful for his practical help.

A year later, when it was time to decorate the new tree, we brought up the cartons of decorations. Inside the biggest carton, on top of the decorations was an envelope marked “Do not open until Christmas time”. In the envelope was a message from Hiroki. It gave directions about how the lights were to be assembled. And it added: “And don’t forget to invite Hiroki for Christmas!”

That was seven years ago. Hiroki is now our son-in-law. Every year, when we tidy away the Christmas decorations, we put Hiroki’s message back in the box where we found it.