Right Hotel for Senior Travelers


Nearly every major booking engine gives the option to sort your results by price. Don’t limit yourself to the big three (Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz) — you should also pay a visit to other booking sites like CEOmobile and kayak.com. And don’t forget to check our very own discount hotel deals!

If price is your only concern, you may want to try bidding on Priceline.com, where you won’t see the name of the hotel (only the star rating) until you’ve actually booked it.


Ask yourself the following questions when evaluating a hotel:

Does it offer airport shuttle service?

Is it close to major attractions and local restaurants?

How safe is the neighborhood?

What is the hotel’s cancellation policy?

What facilities are available for the disabled?

Is it noise-free? Seniors who are sensitive to loud noise might prefer a room in a peaceful alley, away from the noises of the restaurant or nearby playgrounds.


Once you pick a hotel that has a satisfactory price and location, check to see if it includes senior-friendly features that apply to you, such as accessible building access and accessible bathrooms. Other senior-specific amenities to consider include:

Accessibility equipment for the deaf and hearing-impaired

On-site restaurant

Roll-in shower

Handicapped or valet parking

Hotel room telephones with amplifying options

Pet accommodations

Most of the major hotel booking websites allow you to specify certain amenities in your search, such as a fitness center, swimming pool, spa, or restaurant. CEOmobile, the travel site dedicated to senior travelers, makes the process easier by allowing you to search based on factors such as star rating, amenities, rates, room types, and free meals.

Next, spend some time reading hotels reviews online and contact hotels if you have specific questions. You may also want to take advantage of various money-saving hotel loyalty programs.

Hotel Reviews

Many review sites allow users to post photos of their hotel — which are usually more realistic and less glamorous than the professional snapshots provided on the hotel’s website.

Thumbs up/thumbs down ratings — Of course, it is always a good idea to take traveler reviews with a certain degree of skepticism. Overly fawning reviews may actually have been written by hotel employees in disguise, while some negative reviews may come from super-fussy travelers who simply have an ax to grind. Despite the occasional misleading review, traveler ratings are usually honest, unbiased, and valuable resources when deciding on a hotel.

Costa Rica Villa Rentals

Tip # 1: Make sure when planning your vacation that your villa rental property is close to beaches and pools but not so close that you’ll be burdened by busy, crowded and noisy public areas. This will guarantee for quality time with those with you and provides a pleasant relief from typical ‘back-home’ stress and busy areas.

Service: A given right to vacationing is not having to cook, clean or grocery shopping – any other type of shopping is a right. This time is for relaxation, playing some tennis, enjoying your sun-deck, sitting by your private pool, or simply taking in the beautiful sights and sounds.

Tip # 2: When searching for a rental, and to assure your vacation is everything you’re hoping, look for villas that include before-arrival grocery stocking, and full service/full-time chef and housekeeper and you will be sure that you are not stuck doing the same chores you’d normally being doing at home.

No Agenda: How many times a week do you have to be somewhere and at a certain time? Taking the kids to school, getting to work, going to the gym, the list goes on forever.

Tip # 3: Look for a villa rental resort that does not have ‘set-hours’ for activities or transportation so that you may enjoy your vacation at your personal pace without rushing to meet a group for a tour or transportation.

Views: You see the same streets, sidewalks, and terrain every day, and for many, you don’t see any wildlife. Vacationing is about seeing new and exciting things, people and places and more so in Costa Rica.

Tip # 4: Investigate villas that offer magnificent ocean and volcano views, surrounded safely by distinctive wildlife. The more jaw-dropping sights seen during your vacation, the more memories gained for a lifetime and an important point to keep in mind when looking for the perfect villa rental.

Personalization: Everyone receives the same service at restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and everywhere in-between. When on vacation we all enjoy at least a little special treatment and for most, we want a lot.

Tip # 5: Seek out rental villas that provide for complete pampering and attend to each guest’s specific preferences. Attention to detail is important from diet and beverages, to adventure and sightseeing, to enjoying one’s privacy. Personalization is about you and your travel companions receiving customized leisure time to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Culture: Encountering a new culture is always enjoyable and certainly there is no better time to do this than on vacation in Costa Rica.

Short Term Versus Long-term Homestays

Keeping that room rented.
A short-term homestay is a little like a lottery in the off-season for your country. Here in Toronto when it can get into the sub-zero temperatures in the winter usually means a decline for some types of students making the need to have my second bedroom occupied challenging. A long-term homestay during these months are my best bet.

One of the reasons you may have gotten into doing a homestay was to meet new people from different cultures and a lot of them. Long-term homestays won’t satisfy this pleasure. Most schools typically have new students coming in every Monday giving you a choice of the type of Student background you would like to host in your homestay.

Having a life outside the Homestay.
Homestay is a responsibility and this responsibility challenges your privacy. With a short-term homestay it is quite safe to say that you will see very little of the student during the first month as they immerse themselves into the school activities. These activities usually take the student away on trips over the weekend and during some weekdays. In a long-term homestay you will start to see more of the student approaching the end of the second month of their term. Plan your fun-time accordingly.

Ao Nang Villa Hotel Krabi

Located close to the sea and the famed limestone cliffs, this top Ao Nang villa hotel Krabi offers the ideal setting for a dream holiday. The tranquil ambience of Ao Nang Villa Resort deceives the fact that the main shopping center of the beach with its array of restaurants, bars and shops are within walking distance.

The attractive features of the resort do not end here. The resort has two huge free-form swimming pools, poolside bar and sun deck for sunbathing. Ao Nang Villa Resort’s restaurant-cum-coffee shop serves mouth-watering food from both Thai and European cuisines. The Loma Restaurant of the resort offer room service for those who want to enjoy their food in the privacy of their rooms.

The resort’s two conference rooms, the bigger one capable of accommodating 220 guests, are aimed at business travelers and companies. Both are fully equipped to hold meetings and seminars. They also offer postal service and facsimile facilities.

Ao Nang Villa Resort entices families with their kids’ play area. Other facilities offered by the resort are safe deposit boxes, laundry, emergency medical facility, car/bike rental and tourist information.

The resort has eighty south sea-facing, elegantly decorated rooms for their guests. The amenities provided in the rooms are chosen to suit a vast range of guests. The spacious rooms have television with cable/satellite TV, radio, air-conditioning, IDD telephone, refrigerator and a mini bar.

The most attractive feature of this Ao Nang villa hotel Krabi is the affability of its staff. This, along with its affordable tariff, helps the resort in getting repeat guests.