Short Term Versus Long-term Homestays

Keeping that room rented.
A short-term homestay is a little like a lottery in the off-season for your country. Here in Toronto when it can get into the sub-zero temperatures in the winter usually means a decline for some types of students making the need to have my second bedroom occupied challenging. A long-term homestay during these months are my best bet.

One of the reasons you may have gotten into doing a homestay was to meet new people from different cultures and a lot of them. Long-term homestays won’t satisfy this pleasure. Most schools typically have new students coming in every Monday giving you a choice of the type of Student background you would like to host in your homestay.

Having a life outside the Homestay.
Homestay is a responsibility and this responsibility challenges your privacy. With a short-term homestay it is quite safe to say that you will see very little of the student during the first month as they immerse themselves into the school activities. These activities usually take the student away on trips over the weekend and during some weekdays. In a long-term homestay you will start to see more of the student approaching the end of the second month of their term. Plan your fun-time accordingly.